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Recycle Center Recycling Bins ┬╗Recyclable Containers Do you support the production of recyclable packaging for fast food, unlike single-use? Lets face it, the environment is terrible. Thousands of Americans eat at fast food restaurants, and garbage sent to landfills toxic. Why not recycle?


If the millions of burgers places like McDonald recyclables that have been, not the planet are sick less often and destroyed? Lets face it, the atmosphere is terrible. Americans consume thousands of places fast food and trash sent to dumps toxic. Why not recycle? If the millions of burgers that McDonald had places like that are recyclable our planet would be less sick and destroyed? Why do you think? I think it would be difficult and expensive to recycle packaging sandwich paper feed, mostly covered with tomato sauce and cheese, etc. would probably be better to compost them. After removing the paper products, to almost everything else is used to keep fast food is recyclable plastic and therefore, although this does not mean it is recycled. Not many people are ready to take their trash with them to recycle at home, and less willing to separate in the middle of McDonalds.

Fast food industry is not hiring a trash separator unless it could generate a steady profit. The real improvements come from two areas: reusable packaging used for a period of time and then recycled and made of disposable packaging less material. EZ Street Garbage and Recycle containers by Mike McMurray.