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« Recyclable Containers Trash Pickup »Recycling Bins Recover Deleted Files Recycle Bin with Undelete Software Sometimes, computer users empty their recycle bin early and realize they need to recover deleted files recycle bin too late. In this case, iCare Data Recovery Software would be able to quickly identify the deleted contents of the recycle bin and restore deleted files from recycle bin back to the computer.

Are my files safe in the recycle bin? Yes and no. Your files are safe in the recycle bin as long as you have enough available space inside the bin to hold all the contents you have sent there. As you add files and folders to your recycle bin, it operates on a first in, first out (FIFO) cleaning method. Once you have used the maximum capacity of your recycle bin, all new files or folders will replace the oldest files there. If you are going to need a file in the future, it should not be in the recycle bin. It is best to recover it early. If you are unaware of the fact that a file you need is in the recycle bin, iCare Data Recovery Software can help you locate it and restore removed files.How do I check the contents of my recycle bin? There is typically a ‘Recycle Bin’ icon on your desktop. Once you click to open the icon, you will see a list of your files and the location on your computer from which they were removed. It is important to scan the contents of your recycle bin before you empty it to make sure there’s nothing inside that you don’t want to lose. Why would I want to empty my recycle bin? There are times when a recycle bin is full and it is causing the computer to run at a lower rate of speed. Emptying the recycling bin and performing actions such as deleting cookies and temporary internet files will help your computer running at its optimum potential. What if I accidentally empty the recycle bin before I’ve retrieved my files? If you have iCare Data Recovery Software, you don’t need to worry! Your files are still safe! You simply need to open your iCare control panel and scan recently removed items in your recycle bin. The software will compile a list of files that were recently deleted from your computer. You can then select your desired file and ‘restore’ it. Don’t leave the safety of your files up to chance. As human beings, we are prone to error; and computers have been known to crash without any human assistance, what-so-ever. Let iCare Data Recovery Software protect your files and be there for you in case you need to recover deleted files recycle bin.


Besides deleted file recovery, this tool is also able to restore files after format, recover formatted sd card, restore files when pen drive not formatted error etc.